cast iron, hardware cloth, soil, rope, rebar, grass

This piece was made while in residence as a Hot Metal Artist at Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, MN.

contours of iron. is an experimental cast iron piece where I used residue silicate sand molds from a previous iron pour to create a landscape that I poured iron into. I was interested in creating a performative aspect to the piece during the pour by building up layers of iron and tracing various contours of the mold. The installation includes colored rope (paracord) that is common in recreation such as camping and climbing, creating topographic contour lines that reference tidal zones, elevation changes and trails. Below are images of the piece during the process of pouring, after it was newly installed in late Summer and again during the Spring.

photo credit:
Iron Pour documentation: Matt Weber
Spring time documentation: Josh Mills 
anna.e.orbovich at gmail dot com / ︎@aeorbovichnew hampshire