I search for wildness. Wildness can be calm and vast. Wildness can also be intricate, challenging and overwhelmingly strong. Wildness is a distant journey. Wildness is also in our backyards and crevasses of sidewalks. I seek out the slow moments of wildness and the moments that humble me deeply.

Drawing, printmaking and cyanotypes become a way to observe and respond to the wildness that I encounter. I create meditative fine line drawings that references tracings of textures and ridgelines. My prints become a way to break down imagery through color layers, creating more of an overview of a place. Cyanotypes, which are a non-toxic sun printing process, allow me to hold onto specific elements I find in nature, whether that is the shadow a tree creates, the structure of a rock or the passing current of a tide coming in.

Tracing landforms, trails, shadows and everything in between; I create maps and imagery that lead nowhere physically, but rather aim to capture a moment spent in wildness.


Anna Orbovich is a New Hampshire based artist working in printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

As an avid outdoors-person Orbovich’s time working and conducting research in the harsh and remote wild places ranging from the Arctic to the Desert to most recently the rugged Superior Hiking Trail in Northern Minnesota have vastly influenced the direction of her work.

In May 2019 she received her MFA from the University of Minnesota and in 2012, earned her BFA in printmaking and book arts from Maryland Institute College of Art.



2019         University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN
             MFA in Studio Art, Printmaking and Foundry emphasis

2012         Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) / Baltimore, MD
             BFA in Printmaking with Book Arts Concentration, Cum Laude


2023        muse, Grand Marais Art Colony / Grand Marais, MN

2021        midwinter thaw, Winter is Alive / Madison, WI

2019        contours of iron, Franconia Sculpture Park / Shafer, MN
            An Exploration in Shifting Terrains, Solo Exhibition, Outlook Gallery: Minnesota Center for Book Arts /                       Minneapolis, MN
            The House | The Yard, Katherine E. Nash Gallery / Minneapolis, MN

          SGCI 2019 Member’s Print Exchange / SGCI Conference / Dallas, TX

2018         Something I’m Thinking, Quarter Gallery / Minneapolis, MN
             Surface of Revolution: A Bohemian Press Retrospective, Larson Art Gallery / St. Paul, MN
              2018 Mid America Print Council Members Juried Exhibition, University of Wyoming / Laramie, WY

             Zine Swap, organized by Instructor Sage Perrot, Utah State University / Projects Gallery, Utah State                           University / Logan, UT and Mid America Print Council Conference, University of Wyoming / Laramie, WY

2017         Glacial Wanderings, Solo Exhibition, Commons Art Gallery, Institute on the Environment / St. Paul, MN
             where are you now? Art Lofts / Madison, WI
             Fresh Works, Quarter Gallery at Regis Center for Art / Minneapolis, MN
             Northern Spark: Climate Rising / Collaborative Project: Tunnel Vision / Minneapolis, MN
             Lost in the Woods, Winona Art Center / Winona, MN

2016         Climate Chaos, Boneshaker Books / Minneapolis, MN
             Hot off the Press: Summer Co-Op Exhibition, Highpoint Center for Printmaking / Minneapolis,MN

2015         Monster Masks, Junior Ranger / Album and Artwork Design
             Hot off the Press: Summer Co-Op Exhibition, Highpoint Center for  Printmaking / Minneapolis,MN
             Ink! Juried Printmaking Show, Silpe Gallery / Juried / West Hartford, CT

2014         Geological Laboratory, Gullkístan Center for Creativity /  Laugarvatn, Iceland

2013         9 til Midnight: Summer Co-Op Exhibition, Highpoint Center for Printmaking / Minneapolis, MN
             Tales from the Co-Op, Highpoint Center for Printmaking: Presstime

2012         Art Formally Known as Prints: Winter Co-Op Exhibition, Highpoint
             Center for Printmaking / Minneapolis, MN
             Printmakers at Play, Star Tribune
             Commencement Exhibition, Meyerhoff Gallery at MICA / Baltimore, MD
             Stand Out Prints, Highpoint Center for Printmaking / Juried / Minneapolis, MN
             5th National Collegiate Handmade Paper Art Triennial, Rutgers University and Corcoran College of Art and                       Design / Juried / New Brunswick, NJ / Washington, D.C.

2011         United States, Project Room at MICA / Baltimore, MD
             Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Decker Gallery at MICA /  Baltimore, MD
             The Rooster, Issues 4-7 / Baltimore, MD
             Collectible Editions, Decker Library at MICA / Baltimore, MD


            Gorman Rare Book Collection within the Culture Wars Zine Collection,
            University of Minnesota Twin Cities / Minneapolis, MN

            Printmaking Area, Art Department, Southeast Missouri State University / Cape Girardeau, MO
            Printmaking Area, Kent State University / Kent, OH
            Jannes Library, Kansas City Art Institute / Kansas City, MO
            Printmaking Area, Utah State University / Logan, UT
            Printmaking Area, Montana State University / Bozeman, MT


          SGCI Member’s Print Exchange, 2019 / International print exchange
            Zine Swap / Organized by Instructor Sage Perrot, Utah State University
            Big Ten Print Exchange / National print exchange amongst Big Ten Universities
            Climate Chaos / Twin Cities Print Exchange
            United States / MICA Printmaking Department


2023        In Cahoots Residency / Petaluma, CA

2019        LaWayaka Current: Desert 23° S / Atacama Desert, Chile
            Franconia Sculpture Park, Hot Metal Artist (Summer) / Schafer, MN

2014        Gullkístan Center for Creativity / Laugarvatn, Iceland

anna.e.orbovich at gmail dot com / ︎@aeorbovichnew hampshire